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Review By Louise Coghlan (17th February 2019)

Like an air traffic controller, John O’Neill guides his staff in every step. Never doubting nor nervous, he directs his family of workers like a team of bees. Bees who are happy. Bees who are content. Bees who are thrivers under his watchful eye. Never questioning his manner nor his tone as he speaks to them as he speaks to himself. He speaks to them with love and admiration. He speaks to them with altruistic affection never expecting them to do anything less than he would do himself. He works alongside them, not above or below them. He leads them through the hectic movement that is within a busy modern hotel environment awaiting the scheduled crowds of their next big event which is just minutes away. He is patient and relaxed and this transfers like osmosis into those who are around him.

Nobody will panic because John will not panic. He thanks his staff as they deliver on their individual duties one by one. He has trained them to be the best. He has trained them to want to be the best. And this is how a top class family run hotel gets its name. Its vigor is injected from its staff into the atmosphere and energy of the lobby in which I sit. The energy of the owner and the manager is felt within his staff and transfer instantly into the customers in which they serve. They do not see their duties as mundane tasks but as a normal part of their day. They deliver what their leader has shown them. They see how the boss treats his staff and in turn they treat the customer in the same manner. This is a winning way and warms my heart as I watch a staff contently work away as a powerhouse of busy bees. How ironic I make reference to John’s army like working and thriving bees and in its hay day, the nightclub at the back of the building, was named the Bees Knees. There’s something in that theme for sure.

The staff all stepping in time like a well moved waltz, as each knows where they should be and at what stage. As the time closes in on the arrival of the guests, John relaxes his shoulders and orders a coffee knowing his forward thinking and preparation has paid off. Everything is ready. Everyone is ready. Candles are lit. Women and men with instructions are ready to deliver to this five star occasion to all who arrive. This consistent preparation and a commitment to a very high standard by the man who leads in this hotel is why people love the Hamlet Court in the quaint and cute village of Johnstownbridge. We love when we can see thought and consideration has been put into our arrival at any occasion and this is guaranteed in this very hotel. “Did you see the room’ say the guests to each other as they enter and their eyes light up with the visual delight which has been prepared for them ....John O’Neill and his staff are renowned for what they do because they do it so well.

I’ve sat and watched John and his team for the last two hours and all I can say is I’m forever impressed and sit admiring, watching the air traffic controller now stand into position as the welcoming friend who gives all who open his hotel door a warm and loving embrace. They know they have arrived to a place of love and energy and can feel the exciting energy beam from its owner. We may be now living in a fast paced world with often manufactured friendliness but not here, its heart is in its staff and how lucky we are to have such and warm and welcoming family to welcome us home to their hotel.

Keep doing what you are doing Hamlet Court and we will forever be grateful that we get to experience and enjoy this very magical hotel right on our doorstep. Lucky are we to have you as part of our local landscape and a very bright light for us to enjoy and share in!

Hamlet Court Hotel

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Rating: 5/5
Hamlet Court Hotel reviewed by from on 12 May 2018
Thank you so much for a fabulous overnight stay We were a party of four Staff we…
Thank you so much for a fabulous overnight stay We were a party of four Staff were fabulous so friendly Enjoyed a great meal in your bar My mum and dad said it was best fish and chips they ever had Bar manager (should of got his name ) was so funny and is worth his weight in gold Will certainly be booking again Thanks once again for a great stay Have nothing negative yo say and Will certainly be recommending The Hamlet Court to family and friends You deserve your 5 star rating I gave you
Rating: 5/5
Hamlet Court Hotel reviewed by from Ireland on 25 Jan 2018
Very Good Hotel, Excellent Service, Food in Murtys Bar Fab..Overall Experience 1…
Very Good Hotel, Excellent Service, Food in Murtys Bar Fab..Overall Experience 10/10.. Would recommend.
Rating: 5/5
Hamlet Court Hotel reviewed by from Ireland on 23 Jul 2017